All Things We Like

All Things We Like brings you playful design with a positive impact on the world.
We are a Dutch Eco-Design label with beautiful and unique products.
All made with love & respect for our planet: we like!

We love to create beautiful and functional designs for your everyday life and home. The collection ranges from wooden decorative objects, to lasercut and 3D-printed jewelry, illustrated porcelain tableware, handprinted cards and posters, recycled bags, organic kids clothing…  in fact anything that makes us smile.

Craftsmanship & honesty
We believe in fair and honest design. We like to inspire you to make more sustainable and fun choices! We experiment with innovative solutions and traditional techniques. We care not only about the environment but also the people behind our products. Our products are designed and produced locally. We design from in our studio in Utrecht, right in the center of Holland. For our production we collaborate with local artisans and social workplaces. We prefer to work with honest materials. The wood we use is FSC certified or recycled. Our posters are printed on biological papers and our bags and shirts made of ecological cotton.